Polk County Maintenance Department
It is our goal to maintain all County buildings and
equipment to provide clean and workable conditions.  
We maintain heat, light, power, air conditioning,
plumbing and other such environmental factors so that
County Personnel and the General Public may occupy  
the County facilities in comfort and safety.

It is our responsibility to direct the repair, construction
and reconstruction of physical buildings and contents
and to administer a preventative maintenance program
that will facilitate uninterrupted services to County
buildings and property.

We also maintain County vehicles, performing routine oil
changes and service as well as general maintenance and
Performing Miracles
In Maintenance
All work requests may now be submitted online by
going to the appropriate link above (work request
form). Once submitted they are directed to the
appropriate staff to complete the task. Any
requests not submitted online should be faxed to
the office at 936-327-6886.

As always, emergencies should be called in and if
possible sent via work request as well.

Thanks for your cooperation!
Marvin Robinson Jr.
Maintenance Technician
Vicky Guajardo
Custodial Worker
Please feel free to email me if you feel we have done a good
job and would like to let us know. If you have any suggestions
or comments where we might be better able to serve you, I
would like to hear that as well.    Thanks Jay!
Chris Rushing
David Bowlin
Custodial Worker
James Knowlton
Assistant Maintenance  
John Moye
Maintenance Technician
Tony Revis
Custodial Worker
Marvin Robinson
Custodial Worker
David Keen
Maintenance Foreman
Amber Leloux
Office Manager
Michael Goins