Animal Shelter Update        

UPADATE:  July 31, 2012

The red iron metal frame of the building was purchased and delivered in 2009 for

The metal was erected and new metal put on the roof in 2010 by Wimberly
Construction. The concrete peers were poured for the entire exterior of the building
and the support beams.  This cost was $117,666.75

Construction of the concrete floor, drains, walls and plumbing was overseen and
conducted by the Maintenance Department with the help of venders and TDCJ
inmates from the prison. An agreement was entered into court for their help with the
project. This work was completed mid 2010 with a cost of$32,788.90

Miscellaneous additions and construction were done relating to electrical, plumbing
and other core parts of the building in 2011. The actual work was conducted by the
Maintenance Department the cost was $12,340.33

Project funds in combination with funds the Sheriff’s Department had available were
used to complete the septic system, fencing and gates. The septic was completed by
Chester Moore & Sons. The fencing and gates was completed by Circle A Fencing. The
cost of these two projects totaled $57,455.17

Total cost of the Animal Shelter Project to date is $252,251.15.

The kennels, which are completed, will need to have the concrete sealed and water
installed in order to move animals in. The drains for the kennels are completed. With
the kennels currently built,  the Shelter can house approximately 75 animals including
some kennels large enough for numerous puppies, if needed.

Discussion has been ongoing regarding completion of the project – noting that the
areas of the project still remaining include but are not limited to; remainder of the
kennels approximately doubling the current number;  Livestock containment areas to
be built in approximately 2/3 of the building; Fencing around the septic system and
the entire property (some fence taken down during the Law Enforcement Project will
be used for some of these areas); Parking areas will need to be addressed and made
accessible; and completion of office and infra-structure is needed – to include
visitation areas for pets and persons seeking adoption of animals, the addition of an
exam room and vet office, laundry and shower areas, a small break area, storage
areas for supplies and equipment and cat and puppy areas near the office.

Preliminary drawings have been prepared and reviewed by the Sheriff.  The possibility
of using inmate labor to complete the project was discussed in an effort to keep
costs down, however concerns about the length of time it would take with the inmate’
s limited daily work hours were noted.  The other option discussed will be to bid the
project.  If this route is to be taken, the preliminary prints will be sent to an architect
for construction drawings.  Estimated cost to complete the project begins at
$200,000 and could be significantly higher depending on the finishes, furniture,
fixtures and equipment requested.

During the August 14, 2012 meeting, the Commissioners Court will discuss
proceeding with construction plan documents and possible bidding of the remainder
of the project.